Monday, June 30, 2008

Manny Being Schizophrenic!!!

So a week after Shawn Chacon stomped a mudhole in Astros GM, Ed Wade (much to the joy of every Phillies fan in the country), now we're hearing that Manny Ramirez midget-tossed a Sox traveling secretary!

An interesting question was posed regarding the matter already, and here it is:

Other than a difference of 505 career homers, how was this attack different from Shawn Chacon's tussle with Ed Wade?

Here's the difference. Manny didn't attack his boss. If Manny had thrown Theo Epstein on the floor, then there'd be a good chance that he'd get cut loose by the team. However, at the same time, I think Epstein's also younger, more fit, and enough of a man to admit that he deserved it if he did, in fact deserve it.

Ed Wade's a crusty old chickenshit who, by some accounts, provoked Chacon and then cried foul when he got what he deserved. Wade claims that it's all Chacon's fault of course, but I've already picked my side of it... which is to say that I think Ed Wade deserved to be punched regardless of what happened... because he's a shitty GM.

Point is... that if you hit a co-worker, you'll probably get fired.
If you hit your boss... you're DEFINITELY getting shit-canned.

Plus, when you really think about it, Manny Ramirez is on the books for $20 Million a year, so to buy him out for half a season would cost the Sox $10 Million.

If the Red Sox traveling secretary sues the team for failing to discipline the ManRam, is he going to get $10 Million? Probably not, so even from a financial stance, it makes more sense to keep your best hitter, win games and make a run at the World Series.

Funny thing about it... Manny was trying to get 16 tickets for a game in Houston. Maybe Manny's tight with Chacon and did this to lobby for his addition to the Sox Roster!!

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