Thursday, June 26, 2008

Phils Fans Rejoice!!

Someone finally kicked Ed Wade's ass for you!!! Yup, the GM that traded Curt Schilling for Omar Daal, Travis Lee and Vicente Padilla got served! He's also the guy who gave long-term deals to the fossilized remains of David Bell and Mike Lieberthal and a no-trade clause to Phillie favorite Bobby Abreu!!

Wade works for the Astros now, where he's already dealt Brad Lidge for spare parts and his entire minor league system for Mitchell Report alumni Miguel Tejada.

So why would anybody in their right mind want to kick his ass?

Yup, former Pirate/Yankee/Rockie Shawn Chacon pulled a Latrell Sprewell on him.

The part that I find upsetting is this: Chacon will get all the blame here. This cunt gets in Chacon's face, screaming and yelling like a fucking child. Chacon, by all accounts, is calm, relaxed and seemingly ready to behave like an adult, and the GM, who's many years his senior and in a prominent executive position for a major league baseball franchise, is acting like a little prick.

So Wade gets tossed on the floor and mounted... which he deserved. He really did. If you walked over to somebody in the streets and acted like this, you'd be lucky if they didn't pull a Jerry "I'll Cut You" Manuel on you!

To me, Chacon was perfectly justified in kicking his boss's stupid, crusty ass. You'd think that GMs and Coaches would learn by now, that they're dealing with powerhouse professional athletes who, in many cases, make a hell of a lot more money than the GM or Coach. Yelling and screaming a little as a posturing move is one thing... but getting right up in a guy's face like that is crossing a line that, in a lot of cases, is going to get an old man busted in the chops.

So yeah, fuck Ed Wade. He got what he deserved.

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