Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Real Quick MMA Note Here...

It's midnight and my insomniac ass is awake and posting... just a quick hit here.

I just got to watch the WEC Featherweight title match between Urijah Faber and Jens Pulver. If you guys are into Mixed Martial Arts and you haven't seen this fight, and this entire card, you need to check it out. WEC is on the Versus channel, you know, that backwater sports network that shows all the NHL games now.

This was an outstanding 5 round fight between two absolutely world class guys with chins of steel. This fight absolutely put that Kimbo EliteXC shit to shame. This was everything that a fight, whether you're watching boxing or MMA or cockfighting or whatever, should be. I'm thankful that I got to see it, and I'm actually glad that Versus is going to air this card about 7,400 more times in the next month, because I'll get to watch it again.

Faber and Pulver absolutely put on the best show I've ever seen in an MMA match. Clean striking, versatile, tactical grappling... and the kind of back-and-fourth action that you don't forget. So yeah, check that shit out if you get the chance.


  1. wish i could watch it is there anyway else to watch it? is there a link of somesort with the fight on it?


    That's round 1 of the fight on youtube. You can go to the sidebar and find the other rounds... the fight went 5 rounds as I said.

  3. yeah it was a good fight. i love it when they go the full on and both beat the hell out of eachother instead of sitting in one hold for 30 minutes sniffing eachothers asses.

  4. The only downtime in the action was the fact that Pulver seemed to realize that he had no answer for Faber's ground game, especially those vicious elbows, so when they hit the floor, he seemed to go 100% defensive and just tried to hold on and get the fight stood back up.

    I did have an issue with the fact that the ref refused to break them up and stand them up when Pulver had Faber tied up on top, but Faber wasn't able to do anything.

  5. yeah, did you get to watch matt huges vs thiago alves. thiago fucked matt huges up. it was nice, but matt huges did take a risk because thiago couldnt even make weight. i mean only 4lbs difference but matt huges has to be weaker if he did all the hard work losing weight and thiago didnt. i donno. Michael Bisping did great too agains Jason Day. this is candass btw but it wont let me login for some reason so i had to put anonymous.

  6. People don't realize how big of a deal 4 lbs is at a weigh-in. It's a very very big difference. I didn't catch that fight, I'll have to try to check it out.