Thursday, June 26, 2008

People Are Oblivious to the Government!!

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This bunch of 'researchers' did a study on the tipping habits of people based on the race of the person providing a service.

The findings? Black taxi drivers receive smaller tips than White taxi drivers. Here's the funny thing though... it doesn't matter what the race of the passenger is. Black passengers give better tips to White Drivers too! Why? I don't fucking know. This isn't my specialty at all and I'm not really here to try to solve racism, although it's been a hot topic thanks to Jemele Hill and Imus.

The study suggests two solutions, both of which are completely fucking retarded:

1) Outlaw Tips - Yeah! That's a great way to solve the problem! Outlaw tips! Then NOBODY makes money!! The best way to solve a problem is always to bite off your own nose to spite your face!! Good thinking!! I'm sure taxi drivers everywhere will rally around the idea to cut their collective income by 20-40%.

2) Heavy Government Regulation of Tipping - DING DING DING!! Here's the agenda!!! THE GOVERNMENT WANTS YOUR TIPS!!!!

Anybody who works for tips will tell you that most of the money they earn in tips doesn't find it's way onto a tax form. It's tax-free income!!! The government has NO WAY of knowing!! Unless we allow them to create a set of hard guidelines for tips! Then they can use a little formula and know EXACTLY how much tips were earned.

But how on Earth would the Government get anybody to agree to something that would hurt them and take money out of their pockets! Simple!! Blame it on race!! Or gender! Or sexuality! It's because you're BLACK!! It's because you're a WOMAN!!! It's because you're GAY!!!

Let me make this clear. It's not because you're black or female or gay. It's because the Government wants your MONEY... and they need to DISTRACT YOU so they can STEAL IT!!

So lets presume that this study is true and whites make better tips than blacks.

Scenario A: Things as they are.
White Driver makes $200 a week in tips. Black Driver makes $150 a week in tips.
Total Earnings - White Driver: $200, Black Driver: $150

Scenario B: Government-established tips, heavily regulated, amounts determined by percentage of service cost.
White Driver makes $150 a week in tips. Black Driver makes $150 a week in tips.
Government taxes 100% of tips as income.
Total Earnings - White Driver: $85, Black Driver $85

So in this situation, equality comes at a cost of $65 - $115 a week. The government wins. Everybody else loses. Use your brains before you agree to shit that's going to take money out of your pocket in the name of imaginary equality.

Do yourself a favor and listen to this guy. He saw through what was going on. You should too.


  1. I love your blog. It is hysterical. Speak the truth as you see it. You go with your bad self. Rockin'

  2. Liked what you had to say. Just wish you choose a different word than retard or retarded.

  3. I changed the name, really just to patronize somebody... because quite frankly, it's no big fucking deal to call someone who ISN'T mentally or physically retarded a "retard". It doesn't trivialize the actual medical condition or the people who suffer from it any more than calling somebody a "fag" makes them gay or trivializes homosexuality.

    Stop being so hyper-fucking-sensitive. Are you genuinely offended? Or are you just letting society and social acceptance program your responses the way everybody cringes when somebody says a racial slur?

    I mean, do you honestly care? Or are you just being socially responsible because it's what's EXPECTED of you!?

    The blog is comedy. Ugly jokes are part of comedy and humor. Relax a little. I don't mean that I ACTUALLY LIVE in RETARD LAND.

  4. good post-candass