Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Congrats! You Just Made Your Girlfriend Single!!!

I'm guessing you guys have seen this. The chick's name is Lauren Bernat, she's 25... and I most definitely want a shake with that.

The guy in the clip is Giovanny Gutierrez, and much thanks to him for showing (as of today) about 2 million people his girlfriend's ass and sexual technique. To make matters worse for this dude, he took the video and threw it up onto YouTube completely behind her back...

So on one hand, Giovanny basically made Lauren famous... but on the other hand, he completely violated her trust to do it.

Who wants to bet that I'm wrong about this... but she MIGHT take a second to thank him while she's punting him out the door. That, and she'll probably get her own reality show.

Wii Fit Hula Hoop Girl of Love on VH1? You don't think so?

You realize that this guy, and this guy got shows right? And that neither one's done anything significant in 20 years.

And they also gave shows to this girl for having lots of MySpace friends, and this girl for winning a show involving one of the guys who hasn't done anything significant in 20 years.

Lauren Bernat, we salute you and your retarded soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend.

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