Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Just for shits and giggles...

Nobody's reading this any more... but lets go through that last post I made before I became a dad and totally lost interest in writing blog posts to nobody.

1) Yeah, the Jets really needed Parcells. Fuck me, I was so wrong.

2) Good thing they got rid of that fucking washed up has-been Farve, right? Not like he had an AMAZING season in Minnesota or something, right?

3) Mark Sanchez was SOME GAME MANAGER in the playoffs, huh? Boy oh boy, good thing they gave the offense to Trent Dilfer!

4) Kerry Rhodes morphed into such an Ed Reed clone... that they're pondering trading him in an uncapped year!

9) That losing culture really fucked the Jets! Fucked them all the way to the AFC title game!

So in summation, this Gary Myers article was fucking stupid when he wrote it. And a month and change after the football season ended, it's even more fucking stupid. Thanks for not reading.