Friday, June 6, 2008

Jimmy Hoffa was the Junior Griffey of Unionized Labor!

Dusty Baker gives the strangest fucking compliments in the history of the game of baseball. I thought it was odd when the guys up in Toronto were talking about what a couple of "dirtbags" David Eckstein and Scott Rolen were.

And I thought Dusty Baker had outdone himself when he talked about how Edwin Encarnacion "bleeds internally big-time."

Well, Dusty's added to his greatest hits collection of crazy with this one!

"Junior has given a lot to this game and this city," Baker said. "You go look at his body and his injury list, and he's left a lot of bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments out on that field. You dig up that field, and there's a lot of Junior bones in it."

Centerfield at the Great American Ballpark is an indian burial ground. And Junior Griffey is so broken down that body parts are literally falling off of him. I'm really not sure how either of these things amount to a compliment.

Apparently in the Dusty Baker book of baseball, things like hemorrhaging and losing limbs are signs of greatness. Here's a suggestion for Dusty's next comment along these lines:

"Man, that Mark Prior. I love him because he really tears his ulnar collateral ligament out there! And if you look out there under the rubber on that mound, you can find pieces of Kerry Wood's labrum! What a couple of ballplayers!!"

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