Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My First Repeat Offender!

Jeff Moore of Dugout Central (formerly The Baseline Report) has managed to make the list again. You'll remember Moore's crazy "trade your closer in April" rant from about a week ago.

Well, he's followed that conventional wisdom up with some advice for the San Diego Padres and Houston Astros!

Astros get:
Randy Wolf – SP
Brian Giles – OF

Padres get:
Michael Bourn – OF (Oops! Wrong Bourne.)
Wesley Wright – RP
Jack Cassel – SP/RP

Why is this so crazy? Let me count the reasons.

1) It's May 14th. Nobody, and I mean nobody. Nobody. No effing body starts breaking up their roster this early. Yeah, the Pods are 15-25, but the strength of their team is the pitching and they're going to give up a pitcher 40 games into the season?

2) Justin Huber, Brian Giles, Scott Hairston, Jody Gerut, Paul McAnulty. Those are the outfielders on the Padres active roster. Not impressive. No pop whatsoever here. How does this team score runs? Fucked if I know. Here's a good idea. Lets dump the one solid offensive player in the group... and replace him with Michael Bourn... who Jeff Moore repeatedly points out, is hitting under .200. That's big help to the Padres.

3) Randy Wolf is going to solidify the Astros pitching staff? Really? Shit, I need sub-numbers for this.
a) Randy Wolf hasn't made more than 23 starts or pitched more than 137 innings since 2003.
b) Randy Wolf is making $4.5M and the 'Stros are kinda cheap when it comes to bad pitching.
c) Randy Wolf has a 5.16 ERA so far this year.
d) Randy Wolf hasn't had an ERA+ better than 110 since 2002.

Lets state what's actually going on in this trade:

Astros get:
Randy WolfOft-Injured, Overpaid Stiff with a career ERA+ of 101.
Brian Giles – 37-year old outfielder who's owed $9M this year, and will probably demand that his option for next year at $9M be picked up to approve a trade.

Padres get:
Michael BournBig time prospect... but everybody wonders if he can hit. Sorta looks like he can't hit.
Wesley Wright – Doesn't offer "substantial value" per Jeff Moore, who never mentions him again after that.
Jack CasselSucked in 2 starts. But not much more than Wolf has sucked for the last 5 years.

I'm going to go ahead and say that this is the rare trade that would help NOBODY.

The Astros add like $23942378234879 Million in payroll for an average-at-best pitcher who's going to get hurt, and a 37-year old outfielder in decline.

The Padres get a 25-year old speedster who can't hit (Juan Pierre anyone?) and a couple of pitchers who don't offer "substantial value" per the guy suggesting this trade.

I guess it helps the Padres slightly... because they'd shed some bad (but short-term) payroll. Problem is that the name of the article is "Astros Should Trade for Padres' Wolf and Giles."

No, Jeff Moore. No, they most certainly should not. In fact, this is the opposite of what they should do. Pags gets a tag because he employs this fucktard.

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