Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Crack Attack?!

Anybody remember Troy Hambrick? He was a running back for the Cardinals/Cowboys for a few years...

If I remember correctly, he didn't suck too bad in the video game (which is, of course, the best way to judge the prowess of a professional athlete.)

Guess what Troy did...

He dramatically improved the image of one Adam "Pacman" Jones. Pacman's gonna celebrate by 'making it rain' again tonight.

Seriously though... Hambrick made millions playing football in a pretty short time... and he's going to the pokey for a Fin... for selling crack?! This is the dumbest thing a Cowboy's done since Nate Newton couldn't see himself not being the Biggest Dope Man.

And the most embarrassing thing to happen to Cowboys of any kind since...

Yup... Brokeback Fiction.

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