Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hypocrite of the Day!

Cynthia Rodriguez doesn't want publicity. Which is obviously why she's talking to the biggest gossip columnist in the entirety of New York. Cindy Adams.

A-Rod's wife wants no publicity. She does not want to speak out.

Lets make a list of ways to avoid publicity.

1) Keep a low profile... as opposed to say... taking a hugely publicized trip to Paris and staying with Lenny Kravitz.
2) Don't talk to reporters... as opposed to say... speaking to Cindy Adams, the biggest gossip columnist in the entirety of New York.
3) Don't do anything flashy... like being seen shopping and spending large amounts of the money you're going to try to snatch from your husband.

Here's a very short list of ways to not speak out.

DON'T FUCKING SPEAK OUT!!! It's not that difficult. And you're a giant hypocrite. In fact... hypocrisy is usually saying one thing, and then doing another. Does it count as being a hypocrite when you say one thing WHILE IN THE PROCESS OF DOING THE OTHER?

She wants only to hide from the army of paparazzi camped in front of her.

Yeah, because the paparazzi are obviously terrified of Lenny Kravitz... as proven by the 6.4 million stories about him in US Weekly, People Magazine, TMZ and every glossy on the planet.

Ask again, you mean she's saying she really still loves her womanizing husband and what comes back is, Cynthia Rodriguez is "not out to mutilate him."

Of course she's not out to mutilate him! If he were to be mutilated, he wouldn't be able to continue playing baseball, and she wouldn't be able to demand half of the $300 Million Dollar contract he just signed!!!

She is also of a mind that he maybe, mistakenly, took her 13 years of dedication as a sign of weakness.

She met him when he was fucking 19. She's got a degree in psychology. He's got daddy issues out the ass, and is probably one of the most insecure human beings in human history. Is it even slightly possible that this lecherous cunt simply used her knowledges as a way to latch onto a guy who was obviously going to make a LOT of money playing baseball?

The word from the other side is that she's RARELY seen at Yankee Stadium and she NEVER travels with the team!! So let me ask you this... if your husband was probably the most lusted-after man in professional sports... and you wanted to keep him... would you let him spend roughly THREE MONTHS out of every year on the road by himself?

Famous athletes cheat on their wives? Really!? Are you kidding me?! I'm not saying that she PLANNED THIS... but I definitely think it worked out in her favor.

She has come to the realization he's changed. He is no longer the same man she grew desperately to love.

Yeah, she loved the guy who was 19 years old and making peanuts with the Seattle Mariners. She loved him, because any idiot could have told you that he was going to grow up to be the highest paid player in baseball history. Now he's matured... and she's cashing out.

Ask why that might be her attitude and you're told: Last year's front-page story of his affair with another woman caused her so much "pain" that she simply - the way it's put is - "refuses to go there again."

Why?! Because he went to a strip club? With a woman? Let me state this as calmly as I possibly can.


And another thing... have you fucked every person you've ever gone to a strip club with? I most certainly haven't! If A-Rod was looking for a piece of ass, he could walk into a strip club, write a check, and they'd CLOSE DOWN the entire place and all the girls in it would take turns licking his balls. HE'S THAT FUCKING RICH!! Why doesn't anybody need proof to hang this guy by his scrotum?

Cynthia's lawyers, Earle Lilly and John Van Ness, allude to deeper issues where their client's husband is concerned. They use words like "narcissism" and "ego" and "not healthy."

No fucking way... you mean her DIVORCE LAWYERS are saying that he's fucked up? Well then it must be true! It's not like they've got a 30% stake in the divorce settlement or something. And it's not like 30% of that settlement is going to be worth upwards of $100 Million Dollars.

Oh, wait a second... it's EXACTLY LIKE THAT! They're DIVORCE LAWYERS!! What do you expect them to say? That her REFUSAL to go on road trips and support her husband in his chosen profession amounts to ABANDONMENT? That she forced him into the arms of other women by neglecting him for six months out of every year?

She does admit to trusted friends she'll be there for him the day he cracks up because she knows it's going to be - the words used are - "an ugly thing."

I'm sorry... didn't she start by saying that she had NO MALICE? This sure fucking sounds like malice.

She KNOWS that without her, Alex Rodriguez is going to crash and burn... but it's okay, because she'll be there to help him pick up the pieces. Sure sounds like she's hoping his life goes to shit once she's gone... and last I checked, that's malice.

Here's my take on this situation. Ron White said it best.

"You can't NOT fuck me. I'll fuck someone else. I know! I've seen me do it!!"

Words to live by, seriously. This guy is the most famous baseball player in the world. He's by himself... all season. 95% of the women that he meets every day, are willing to give him sex. And his wife is NOWHERE TO BE FOUND.

As a man, it's hard enough to avoid temptation when someone offers sex... because lets face it. Women don't just go around offering sex to us. We have to jump through a few hoops to get laid. Now imagine that you're supposed to be faithful to your wife... but for SIX MONTHS out of every year... you don't really see her. Then imagine that 9 out of every 10 women that you meet on a daily basis, offer to fuck you. Could you stay faithful? For how long?

Now imagine that you're the most famous baseball player on the planet... and you have the ego, and sense of entitlement that he MUST have acquired by now.

Nevermind the fact that nobody's PROVEN that A-Rod cheated.

When Madonna tried to suck A-Rod's cock... Cynthia Rodriguez should have already BEEN there sucking his cock like, "No Madonna, I've got this. You can toss his salad if you really want to help though."

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