Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jon Heyman's Debut!!!

Yes, ladies and germs!! I'm covering my first Jon Heyman article ever! How has it taken so long? I can't honestly tell you. I probably should have drank from this well as quickly as possible. And right off the bat, we have our first piece of contradicting logic.

CC Sabathia was a great deal for the Brewers, and a big deal, as well. And Rich Harden looks like a pretty good response from the rival Cubs

Sabathia was a nice grab... until you consider how much the Brewers gave up for 3 months of a pitcher they're never going to be able to re-sign. And I hate the Rich Harden deal. Not because of what the Cubs gave up, but because it's Harden. The guy owns a fucking CONDO on the DL. You really want to add one of the most injury-prone pitchers in all of baseball... to a team with a fragile ego, in a city that thinks it's cursed?

(although one scout said he's noticed Harden's velocity dipping from 93-97 to 89-91 his last two outings, raising concern about whether he's unsound again).

Jon Heyman just said he liked the deal. And less than a sentence later, he points out the fact that Harden's probably hurt again. So what you're saying, Jon, is that it would be good for the Cubs to acquire damaged goods in trade?

Sabathia and Ben Sheets give the Brewers a formidable top of the rotation, and at seemingly little cost, too.

The Brewers gave up Matt LaPorta in this deal. He was their #1 draft pick last year. And in his first 112 minor league games, he's hit 32 homers and batted .294/.395/.616 (OPS 1.011). Could you imagine a lineup with Prince Fielder, Ryan Braun and this guy each hitting 40 homers a year for the next 10 years? Well don't bother... because the Brewers gave him away for 3 months of CC Sabathia. That's not a "seemingly little cost." That's a massive fucking cost Jon Heyman!

Only a day later, Harden -- one of the best pitchers in baseball when healthy -- was paired with Carlos Zambrano to match Milwaukee's tandem.

Only a day later, the Cubs got someone who'll pitch in Chicago for less time than Sabathia will pitch in Milwaukee. Harden makes Mark Prior look like Cal Ripken, Jr.

If the Rockies do decide to do some Holliday shopping -- and the chances are still better than not that they keep him -- some logical landing spots would include the Angels, followed possibly by the Mets and Yankees,

The Angels want another outfielder? You mean Vlad Guerrero, Torii Hunter, Gary Matthews, Garret Anderson, Juan Rivera and Reggie Willits aren't enough? Yeah, they sound like they'd be BIG TIME players for ANOTHER outfielder. Wayyy bigger than the Mets (with Church and Alou hurt) or the Yankees (with Damon and Matsui down).

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