Friday, July 11, 2008

It's really only about $270,000.00 US Dollars...

And now, the dumb salary-related argument made by a professional athlete in any sport since Latrell Sprewell publicly wondered how he'd feed his family on only $7 Million a year.

Yup, Cristiano Ronaldo is likening his current plight of being stuck in a contract that only pays him 120,000 pounds a week for a team that he doesn't want to play for... to slavery!

That's better than a quarter of a million dollars a week. A WEEK. A fucking week!!! If this blog made 1% of that a week, I'd be a pig in shit dancing on rooftops!! And he's comparing himself to a slave.

Do we need to sit back and explain the dynamics of "slavery"? Because no part of it involves prancing around in little shorts and kicking a fucking soccer ball. Obviously, as I am American, I have minimal respect for the game of soccer.

I played it briefly when I was 10. I got kicked in the nuts. I hated it. And I quit and joined a baseball team instead.

It's been a bad few weeks for guys whos names involve Ronaldo, hasn't it? I mean, what with the other one getting caught with tranny hookers and all.

Congrats Cristiano, you're the official recipient of the Trojan ENZ Boner of the Week Award! Just don't show it to the other Ronaldo. He might try to proposition it for sex.

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