Monday, July 14, 2008

Somewhere, A-Rod is Smiling...

And no, this isn't another Madonna joke.

Vai Sikahema beat the shit out of Jose Canseco in a celebrity boxing match in Atlantic City, much to the joy of... well... everybody.

Sikahema, for those of you who don't know, was running back/kick returner for the Eagles, Cardinals and Packers. He was a two-time Pro Bowl special teamer. And these days I guess he does some broadcasting and sports direction for NBC.

To make Sikahema even cooler... he donated his $5,000 purse to the family of fallen Philly Cop, Stephen Liczbinski, which means two things.

1) Sikahema is something of a virtuous and kind guy and...
2) He basically kicked Jose Canseco's ass for free.

Although if he can find a way to bottle and sell "what it feels like to punch Jose Canseco", I'm rather confident he'll never have to worry about money.

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  1. ha ha ha ha thanks for this post im glad conseco got his ass beat fuckin queer-candass