Wednesday, July 2, 2008

D-Back's Catcher Busts a Nut

But not in a good way. Not in a good way at all!!!

Chris Snyder took a foul ball to the twig and berries from Corey Hart and suffered what was diagnosed as...


I'm not making this up. Can you make this kind of shit up? In honor of Chris Snyder, I'm going to work out my first ever TOP TEN LIST!! Letterman style!! So without further delay, here's:

The Top Ten List of Bad Jokes To Be Made About What Happened to Chris Snyder!

10) Annnd... the count on Corey Hart is *cough* three balls... and one strike.
9) That catcher for the D-Backs has got a lot of balls!
8) Chris Snyder really goes nuts about baseball.
7) Snyder was removed from the major league roster after failing the testes.
6) Corey Hart introduced his new, cheap method of birth control today, to mixed reviews.
5) Nahh... they're like kidneys. You really only need one.
4) And I thought tennis elbow sucked.
3) Chris Snyder seemed tentative at the plate. Teammates suggested that he just didn't have the balls to be a major leaguer.
2) Peanuts! Get your peanuts!!!

Annnnd... the number one bad joke about what happened to Chris Snyder...

1) You're breakin' my balls here Hans! You're breakin' my balls!!

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  1. damn tough break......good post pretty funny-candass