Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Point Shaving the History Books?

Yes!! This is actually slightly football related! Steelers-related!!!

Anybody remember the final score of the Steeler's first round playoff game against the Buffalo Bills in 1975? Well... the answer is no. Nobody remembers. Nobody remembered when the rings were made either... because they screwed it up.

To answer this important (see: irrelevant) piece of trivia, the final score of that game was 32-14.

The jewelers engraved 32-6. This obviously means one of two things.

1) This was an honest mistake about a fact that absolutely nobody cares about, especially after their team wins the Super Bowl.


2) It was a conspiracy!! Perpetrated by the people who designed and made the ring to defraud their buddies out of money lost!! It's very obvious to me, that these Steeler fans were so confident that they agreed to a point spread in the range of 19 to 25. And they bet big!!!

The final score of 32-14 meant a cushion of only 18 points, and thus, the Steelers didn't cover the agreed-upon point spread. So the jewelers in question crossed their fingers and prayed the Steelers would win it all... as they secretly avoided their buddies and bookies for weeks at a time... watching... waiting for their chance. And then the Steelers won the big game...

"Here it is!! Plain as day!! The Championship ring says they won that game by 26!! They covered!!! Pay up!!!", screamed eager cheating Steelers fans!!!

"But what about the score in the papers!?", proclaimed the bookies!!

"Probably a typo!!! Too bad we have no internet to rely upon for worthless fact such as this!!!" claimed those bastard Steeler-fan jewelers!!

"Yeah! I sure hope Al Gore invents a method for me to read the angry ramblings of half-witted people, and check the scores of football games from 30+ years ago. Oh... and umm... it'd be kind of nice if they did something with porn too." agreed the bookies.

Okay, okay... so it was probably just an innocent mistake.

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