Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Celebrity Stuff? Really? Yeah.

This is just too silly not to mention.

Sting's (the singer, not the wrestler) daughter was hanging out with Pete Doherty.

Or another way of saying this, would be to say that Coco's shacking up with Cokehead.

Doherty, for those of you who don't keep up with the irrelevant British pseudo-celebrity circuit as closely as I apparently do.... is the guy who Kate Moss was dating when she got caught doing her best Tony Montana impression.

He's also got some ties to Amy Winehouse of late, and known addictions to like... shit, I'm not making a list. That could take days. Oh, and he also sings for some shitty emo/imposter punk band that nobody listens to.

Word on the actual story is that Sting's daughter is 17, and shared a tent with Doherty at the Glastonbury music festival, but it's okay, he's only 29. And addicted to crack, coke, heroin and ketamine. And admittedly worked as a gay prostitute to support his habit.

So yeah, Sting's daughter is 'involved' with a guy who used to suck dick for crack. Take it away, Sagat!!!

Beautifully said, thank you Bob.

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  1. oh i already had her on the corner nothing new. she makes me good money.-candass