Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hat Tip to Scott McClain

It's not every day that a 36-year-old rookie, and veteran of 19 minor league seasons hits his first major league home run. But as you can see here, that's what Scott McClain finally did.

I just want to say, dude, it's about frickin' time. And yeah, sorta scratching my head about why this guy hasn't gotten a chance at the major league level.

Here's his page at BaseballCube.

In 1996, at 24 years old, he batted .281/.361/.458 with 17 homers in AAA for the Orioles. I guess he was sorta blocked there by B.J. Surhoff (McClain was listed as a Third Baseman).

Well, in 1997, McClain ends up in AAA for the Mets, where he goes .280/.370/.503 with 21 homers and 29 doubles... but the Mets had Edgardo Alfonzo at 3B.

Here's the kicker, in 1998 McClain's in the Tampa Bay Organization, at AAA Durham. He's still only 26 years old... and hits .299/.385/.589 with 34 homers and 35 doubles in 126 games... gets called up for a grand total of 20 at bats... and sent back down.

So who did the Rays have at 3rd Base in 1998 that blocked this guy?

If you guessed Bobby Smith, you're amazing!! Sadly, Bobby Smith completely sucked. Wade Boggs was also finishing out his career, but only saw 78 games at 3B that year.

Would have seemed to me that if you had a 26-year old 3rd baseman sitting in the minors, with developing power and pretty good plate discipline, you'd get him up there and get him an extended look, right? Even just to DH him!!! Who DH'd for Tampa that year?

Oh, that's right!! Paul Sorrento!!! He DH'd to the tune of .225/.313/.405 in 435 at bats.

As it stands, Scott McClain has hit 355 home runs over 19 minor league seasons. He's hit 30+ homers in 4 seasons and this year, in the minors with the Giants, he batted .307/.389/.566 with 22 more longballs. And he plays first base now.

Guys who've played first base/third base for The San Francisco Giants this year:

John Bowker: .246/.295/.395 with 9 homers and 70 K's in 301 at bats.
Rich Aurilia: .276/.325/.415 with 9 homers in 352 at bats, who's ALSO 36 years old.
Jose Castillo: .244/.290/.381 with 6 homers in 394 at bats.

Now look at McClain's line for the year again. Sure, he's 36, but why the frick not!? Right?

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