Monday, September 29, 2008

Even I'm Not a Big Enough Asshole to Make 9/11 Jokes...

But the guys at are... Deadspin broke the story, as usual.

Hat tip to Saih for letting me know about it, and I have to apologize, because I just don't really know what to say about this.

Okay, yeah, actually I do. Are these people complete fucking idiots? I'll be the first person to admit that being a jerkoff on purpose is a great way to get some publicity and attention... but do you really want to be the 9/11 joke site?, congratulations... because you're now the top rated Seahawks fansite in Afghanistan. That should be good for about 11 hits a month. Which is 5 times as many as most fansites for the SEAHAWKS take.. in a YEAR.

Do the Seattle Seahawks even have fans? I mean, really... those aren't cardboard cutouts in the stands during home games?

Seriously though, let me break this down for a second. On the topic of 9/11... yes, some New Yorkers have milked the sympathy a little bit. And politicians (yes I mean you, Rudy Giuliani) have totally exploited the situation. The memorials and the remembrance and shit has gone a little too far, and it does get annoying. The way the media covers 9/11, it's almost like suffering through it happening over and over again every year. And that's wrong.

But that doesn't make it right to crack asinine jokes about it. Maybe in 20 years or so, sufficient time will have passed, where you can casually drop a 9/11 joke, or use the WTC as a punchline for something.

Sorta like saying that your drunk buddy was "more bombed than Pearl Harbor!" Yeah, it only took 50 years for that one to become acceptable.

Make you a deal. When Ben Affleck stars in a movie about it, you can let loose with the jokes. Until then, shut your fucking mouths. Seriously.

Ultimately, the biggest joke of all is that you're Seattle Fucking Seahawk fans. Mmkay? And yet, New Yorkers are kind enough not to constantly shove our newly polished Lombardi Trophy in your face.

Hey... where's your Lombardi Trophy? Ohhhhh!! That's right!! It's in Pittsburgh.

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