Monday, August 11, 2008

Somehow, This Must Be Dusty's Fault...

What am i talking about?  This.

Yup, the Cincinnati Reds just gave away Adam Dunn for a single-A pitcher and two players to be named later.

Dumping Griffey's salary for some guys who might be able to contribute?  Sure, no problem.  Handing off a 28-year old guy who's hit 46, 40, 40 and 40 homers the last 4 years, and has 32 already this season for nobody specific?  That's absolutely inexcusable, especially when there were at least 4 GMs who would have severed a testicle to get this guy less than a month ago.

The Mets and Yankees, the Red Sox, the D-Backs, the Dodgers, the Marlins and probably a few more that I'm entirely too lazy to think of... oh... the Astros too, were in the market for a power-hitting outfielder.

The Yanks came away with Nady.  The Sox and Dodgers pulled the Manny/Bay deal.  The D-Backs robbed Dunn today.  The Marlins and Astros still have nobody.  You're honestly going to try to tell me that the Reds couldn't get something majors-ready for this guy?  That the Mets wouldn't have given up Mike Pelfrey and a minor leaguer for Dunn and signed him to an extension?

In the long run, Adam Dunn isn't a "Dusty Baker" kind of guy.  He's not going to bunt down runners.  He's not going to hit-and-run or swipe bags.  And despite being dirty, he's not gritty or gutty.  There's nothing Ecksteinian about him.

Here's what Adam Dunn does.

1)  He gets on base more than about 80% of major league baseball players.
2)  He hits 40 home runs every year.
3)  He's OPS'd .900 for his career.
4)  He's pretty durable, having played in 747 of his teams last 767 games since 2004.

And all the Reds get for dealing that away is... a guy in the low minors... and two dudes who's moms didn't even like them enough to give them names.  Yeah.  I'm not happy.

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